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Swiss Crypto Service

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Bitcoin, crypto, digital money – everyone is talking about crypto. They say it is our future. They say it is coming. They say ‘don’t wait’, ‘invest now’. And so you might watch a few videos and try to wrap your head around this world. But your eyes droop and your mind goes all fuzzy. 

What to do?

Your first step to owning digital money is a free 30 minute session. Book now and get your most important questions answered.

Lorenz Nussbaum was born into the first generation that grew up with computers. He began gaming as a 10-year-old, training his mind to easily understand complex systems. As soon as he discovered the world of crypto, his passion moved to the crypto-game. He understands the traps, the dead ends, the tables, the graphics, the psychology, the trends, the manipulations, the big and small players, the time-windows and more. He has spent thousands of hours in this new world of crypto-technology. 

Lorenz has lived in conscious-living and off-the-grid communities for years. His interests lie in how we can take back responsibility for ourselves, our health, our food, our finances and our community.

Lorenz follows the Swiss model of the three pillars that hold up the roof of your home, which provides you with protection and safety. He sees one of the pillars as Crypto currency. A second pilar is all about earth, food, permaculture, seeds and food forests. The third pilar for Lorenz consists of energy work, vibrations, intuition and a consciousness beyond the physical. He is particularly interested in his joint venture with Oona Fergusson. Oona has been trained in advanced CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing). Together they have adapted ARV (Associated Remote Viewing) for the Crypto world.

Swiss Crypto Service:

  • You need thousands of hours to begin to have an overview of the Crypto world. In this rapidly changing technical society you can trust SCS to always be on top of things. You can be a part of this world and stand on your own two feet in only 4 hours.
  • The world of Crypto is not regulated. Therefore scams and misinformation are common. SCS provides you with all the necessary and up-to-date tips and pointers to avoid the usual traps.  
  • After your first steps with SCS you have the options of doing your own investing or letting the Investments do their own work.
  • The ratio of risk to gain is unbeatable in the long run – even with a minimal time investment.
  • SCS can ease your way into the world of Crypto. Why wait? The time now is ideal – comparable with the very first days of the internet or of smart phones.
  • SCS offers independent and neutral information. Your Investments have no effect on SCS.
  • Crypto increases your financial sovereignty. The money belongs to you and you alone. You have full control.  
  • SCS does not work with pre-shot videos. All sessions are live, one-on-one, personal and discreet. 


Moving your money from the bank to your personal crypto wallet in just 4 sessions.

1 – Overview

  • What is Crypto? Is there more to it than just smoke and mirrors? Wherein lies the value of Crypto and how is it safe and secure?
  • What is crypto’s role in connection with the financial Zeitgeist?
  • Why not just leave the money in the bank? 
  • New values of community and society represented by Crypto

2 – Installation

  • Choosing your exchange and looking at fees
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) – Verifying your identity
  • Registration at the exchange of your choice
  • What is a wallet? Choosing your wallets
  • Pros and cons of various wallets and their functions
  • Deciding, ordering and installing your wallets

3 – Application

  • Installing your hardware wallet
  • Orienting yourself on the exchange
  • Setting up your first trade
  • Understanding the trading window
  • Various forms of orders
  • Receiving Crypto currency, filling your wallet

4 – Outlook

  • The market wants your money – the psychology of the game
  • Tips, traps and one-way paths
  • A successful long-term portfolio strategy
  • Exploring the potential of the Crypto world
  • Making payments with crypto

This offer is worth € 480.-  

My goal is to encourage and facilitate people’s sovereignty for the highest good of us all. I am therefor offering this package at a heavily reduced fee of € 210.-.

Let me answer your most important questions first in a free and non-binding 30 minute session.

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